About Cafe Club

We are the Best in the Industry

Our culture is the soul of our brand. Cafe Club is known for having the right combination of great coffee, a comfortable ambience and a beautiful rendezvous for people who care about each other.

Our founder, Uday Srinivas Tangella, proved to be a visionary by embracing the philosophy of operational simplicity. It means a limited menu, a tool for
every task, employees with vivid responsibilities and a firm grip on operationscosts. Cafe Club is proud to follow this philosophy, because it works..!

Our Cafe Club franchise partners enjoy many advantages low start up costs, superb ground up or conversion construction design, strong marketing and
advertising support programmes, and the best quality menu procedures in the business are a few among them.

Cafe Club Outlets
Installed across India
Franchise Sold
25+ Outlets in India
Located in
Head office located at Hyderabad, Telangana
Cafe Club Profits
We gave more than 100% of profit within 3 months

Affordable Price

You can consider Cafe Club is a common man’s business as we aim to take this business to everyone in India.

Premium Taste

Cafe Club delivers premium products to the franchisers. We have our own farm lands to produce chemical-free products.

High Profits

With easy and hassle-free setup you are going to focus on your business straight away. You can start earning from the day 1 itself.